iRacing Trucks - Week 5 Gateway - Learning the Driving Line and Qualify

Shaun Cole On November 27, 2014
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For week 5 of the iRacing NASCAR fixed truck Series we are off to Gateway Motorsport Park.  In this video we get up to speed by working with iRacing Pro Andrew Fayash.  Andrew shows Shaun the proper racing line and then they go on to refine that lap into a possible qualify run.  From there they do some driving drills working on both the inside and outside lanes in order to experience racing conditions.  In addition they work on some passing or setting up of a pass on this difficult track.

Once the on track sessions are over, Shaun goes over some thing to look out for when attempting this race for yourself.  And then to finish things off Shaun looks at some mistakes from the season that still need to be cured.

This video is part 1 of 2 for the week.  At the end of the week we will recap the races and how the point broke down from week 5.  In an attempt to make this information more valuable, we have postponed our week 4 recap and will have that out in a couple of days.

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M Conti On 2014-11-29 03:48:33
M Conti

Shaun, I have to tell you this story. I usually don't race ovals. When I do I am almost always at the back of the practice times. The few races I have done in 3 years at iRacing were pitiful. Somehow I do better with the sprint car and the other strange mosters, but trucks and Cars I suck.

However, I watched your video today and since I bought the track but I never run on it I figured "let me give it a shot".

I remembered your suggestions and especially your braking points and the racing line. My first time out, I had the 7th fastest time out of 12 people in the practice session. Not impressive, but for me unusual. I am usually dead last. If not, the guyys behind me have not completed a lap.

But I could tell my track was losing speed. So I came in and went out again. My second lap I had P1. Now out of almost 20 people in the practice session. Amazing!!!

I left the session with 15 minutes to go still with the fastest lap time.

now, I have no doubt faster racers came along at some point and I know my time was not that good (I thunbk still a second off optimal according to your video). But I never lead a practice session for more than 5 minutes ever, unless I was the lone guy in the room. Please do more of these videos. They are invaluable. restored some confidence in my abilities and I realized that I have been sucking all this time because being European I never understood oval racing at all. But the way you explained it was unlike anything I have seen before. I have a few guys tryuing to tutor me, fast guys, but you don't need to be fast to be a good teacher, you need to know how to teach and you sure as hell do!

I won't race this track. It's just too tricky and I figured I'd need 4 or 5 hours of practice to not wreck and get my time more competitive, but I am still delighted for once not to see my name at the bottom of the list. 

Thank you.


Jon Seswick On 2014-11-27 11:09:55
Jon Seswick

were is the video? only see he text......

Shaun Cole On 2014-11-27 19:39:39
Shaun Cole

I have fixed that issue, thank you.


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