Visa Vegas E Race - Post Race Coverage and Thoughts

Shaun Cole On January 12, 2017
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30 Drivers, 20 Simrigs and one million dollars on the line.  That is what just happened in Vegas.  This last weekend saw the biggest sim racing event in the history of the world.  It was put on by Cloudsport and Formula E and was also sponsored by Visa.  The Visa Vegas E Race was the event that would finally put sim racing on the true E Sport path and if it continues is a big step to professional sim racing.

The event was held during the Consumer Electronics Show and was part of the Sport Business Innovation booth setup by Turner Sports.  It would showcase sim racing in the highest light and offer a real life racing format to one sim race for a million dollar purse.

For the Visa Vegas E Race we would see 20 of the real life Formula E drivers put against the top 10 sim racers in the world.  They would race head to head and the winner would be walking away with over $200,000.

In this video we have some exclusive behind the scenes footage of how the event played out.  There was some great racing but it did end in controversy.  Watch this show to find out exactly what really went on.

The full race recap by Formula E that some shots were used from:

To see more events like this one from CloudSport go here:

I would also like to thank John Hill for coming with me on the trip.  He did a lot of the camerawork that you saw including a couple of the interviews.


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