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Shaun Cole On September 1, 2015
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Somehow it was already 10 years since rFactor, the driving simulation was released.  rFactor would change the face of sim racing by offering modding on a level never before seen in sim racing titles. 

rfactor is celebrating its anniversary in several ways.  The first being showing off the new tool coming to the sim in the form of gJED.  This program will make modding easier and also streamline the process of converting rFactor content over to rFactor 2.  And with this comes 2 pieces of content converted over from their own team.  First is the street circuit called Macau and then also the Kodi ZR a fictitious car from the original title.

They are also asking you to take part in the celebration with a hashtag dedicated to Talking about rFactor over the years.

To take part in the Twitter conversation PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE HASHTAG  #10YearsOFrFactor

Here is a copy of the press release from Image Space Incorporated regarding this topic:

rFactor is ten years old. Can you believe it? Although we released the software in various forms before our official release on August 31, 2005, this is our 'official' Birthday!

Happy Birthday to rFactor! Feel free to share any of your memories using #10YearsOFrFactor - we'd love to read more, whether they are from rFactor 1, 2, or even Pro. ;)

We've been doing a number of tests with gJED over the past few weeks, and our car and track teams decided to release one of their quick experiments. We figure that if we can get some of the original content into rF2 as quick as we did (a few hours), some of those better looking rF1 mods should get some serious consideration now within the community. gJED is perfect for this kind of thing.
Download the Kodi ZR - 78MB
Download Sardian Heights - 38.9MB

What is gJED?
gJED is the new mesh and materials property editor for gMotor2-based applications. gJED allows for real-time editing of gMotor2 content created in any content editor which can export the FBX file format. Content creators are no longer tied to a single platform (3DS Max).

gJED is a real-time DirectX application built using the same engine and shaders as rFactor2, and therefore has most of the same graphical options as rFactor2. Much of the operation of gJED is similar to that of the latest gMotor2 plugins for 3DS Max.
Read more:

When can I get gJED?
Before the end of this week. (WB 8/31/15). It won't be released as 1.0, but we really need more eyes and clicks on it soon.

Car and Track Info:
The Sardian Heights and Kodi ZR are a track and car from the original rFactor racing simulation, released in 2005. We converted them to rFactor 2 using the tools we make available to modders including gJED and our SDK/Mod Mode.

Visually they will certainly have a retro look, but technically the content does support rFactor 2 technology like our advanced tire model, chassis flex, realroad (changing track surface grip) and 3D animated corner workers.

The Kodi ZR is a road car with a myriad of racing and tuning options (almost 60 tuning options) up to a full racing specification. It's huge fun to throw it around any racetrack.

Sardian Heights is a street course carved out between medium-sized buildings. Similar to Macau or Monaco it has a track width that can vary and most certainly requires a lot of care to lap cleanly in traffic...

Configuration options:
The Kodi ZR, in the true rFactor style, comes with an epic (almost 60) tuning options. There are three class packages that include a selection from three rear wings, three side skirts, three front end (aero) packages, three rear end (aero) packages, three tire options, three suspension types, two different steering options (standard and drifting), three brake disc selections, three hoods, two horn variants, four exhausts, two computer chips, four engines, three clutch options, three flywheels, four transmission options, two differentials, two fuel tank sizes and two cockpit layout variants (that can be further adjusted by removing weight from the cockpit under weight reduction).

Sardian Heights comes with two configurations: Short is 0.84 miles, Long is 1.58 miles. Both streetcourses, obviously.
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Tim Wheatley
Image Space Incorporated | rFactor | rFactor 2

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Ellinor Ström On 2015-09-02 03:50:55
Ellinor Ström

rFactor cannot be underestimated in what it has done to lead sim racing to become. It set the base for physics and realism, all things we today pretty much see as "minimum requirements". Then the moddability which made it unique back then.


Tim Large On 2015-09-01 23:51:43
Tim Large

Now I feel old...


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