Video Blog: Project Cars 2 - Too Soon?

Shaun Cole On June 22, 2015
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Somewhere in a China, inside of a manufacturing plant the dust is still settling from the latest run of Project Cars by Slightly Mad Studios.  It was only a coupe of months ago that the game was finally released and not even everyone interested has had the opportunity to try the sim out.

And with most successful software companies, we expect a next generation of the game to come.  That is pretty much normal or obvious in this generation of games, titles and companies.  So Slightly Mad has already announced Project Cars 2 and that it is in development.  And like I stated that is somewhat obvious or to be expected.  However what isn't expected is that they are once again turning to the community to help fund the development of the sim.  Through Crowd Funding in the name of World of Mass Development, Project Cars was one of the most successful crowd funding ventures ever.  

World of Mass Development (Project Cars 2 Crowd Funding Page): WMD PORTAL

So I really wonder, is it too soon to even talk about PCars 2?

Will people knowing that PCars 2 is already  in the works effect the sales of PCars 1?

Will people knowing that PCars 2 is already in the works effect the sales of any potential DLC?

Will people knowing that PCars 2 is  already in the works effect the ongoing development of PCars 1?

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Morgan Henstridge On 2015-06-24 08:18:13
Morgan Henstridge

I backed the First game, and have also backed Project Cars 2.  Being a part of Project CARS has been a great experience and I have learned a lot along the way.

I can see how it might sound a little odd to start work on a srequel straight after release, but to people who work in, and understand software development, this is how it is done all the time, and is how you manage the workflow.

The people working on the underlying engine tech are mostly going to be done with Project CARS 1 except for any QA issues that may arise.  This is the time when they start R&D for the next iteration of the engine for the next game.  It is not like everyone in the studio is suddenly working on Project CARS 2 now.  There is still a lot of already announced content for Project CARS 1 that has yet to come out, and that will be coming in the following months / years.

The only thing that is a little different with the WMD system is that the title is announced and backing is opened up as soon as they start the work on the new title, as they want inupt from the backers from the start.  No point doing 1 years work and then making the announcement and having the backers come in after that and say they want something different smile 



Jack Roussy On 2015-06-23 14:38:14
Jack Roussy

Personally I think it's way too soon to announce pCars2, maybe they should spend their time and effort fixing some of the issues with pCars, and maybe concentrate on more tracks and cars for pCars. The other thing I don't get is the funding part, my guess is they made a LOT of money with pCars, why ask for public funding? Greed perhaps? I don't know what the reason is but I don't care much for it, seems like a money grab to me. As for pCars-2, chances are it won't take too long to pump it out since a lot of the code has already been written for pCars and some of that same code is more than likely going to be used for pCars-2.
Is pCars-2 going to be something like past versions of Microsoft Windows...... Buy Windows Vista now and later buy Windows 7, Vista without the bugs. Your guess is as good as mine.
But this is way too soon after the launch of the first pCars to announce a 2nd title, kind of makes me feel I bought pCars for nothing.


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