V8 Supercars coming to Stock Car Extreme in 5 Flavors

Shaun Cole On April 3, 2015
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In the sim racing world when it comes to modding RFactor is the king of all sims.  Some of the finest additional content for the game has been built for the community and in some cases it has launched groups such a Reiza Studios with spin offs of RFactor like Stock Car Extreme and Game Formula Truck.  And since those games use RFactor as a base, they have also become heavily modified sims.

Moving forward in time, there is now a group that is working directly with Reiza Studios, to create a super mod of sort. Sim Racing Australia, is creating a mod that follows the 2015 Austarlian V8 Supercars in great detail.  Their mod will provide 5 different car models that bare a striking resemblence to the real life models seen in that series.  The mod will include 6 liveries for each model giving drivers a 30 car grid similar to the one that can been seen each weekend if watching the supercars on tv.  When I say supermod, I mean that based on that not all mods are created equally.  The guys at SRA will be provding professional grade car models, the kind you see used graphically created in movies or TV.  This will include extremely detailed models both the exteriors and the interiors.  As I mentioned earlier this mod will be a joint venture, and at that point the team at Reiza Studios will take over with the working of the physics and sounds.

This project is being done by the community, and for the community, but only with the support of that same community.  In order to offset the cost of the project inclduing the extremely detailed car models SRA is looking to crowd funding to make it happen.  Here is a link to their CROWD FUNDING PAGE

And below is their official press release and a few photos of the work in progress:

Introducing OZV8 –

“A joint venture, project between SRA, It’s partners, and the wisdom of the crowd”.

The team at www.simracingoz.com (Sim Racing Australia) would like to officially announce their fictional take on the 2015 Australian ‘Supercars’ touring car series with their new, scratch built mod that will be coming to the Stock Car Extreme title free of charge to all very soon!

This work in progress mod is called ‘OZV8’ and it represents a first known attempt to complete a mod using partial funding from a simple crowd funding joint venture where SRA seeks to engage the wider sim racing communities support to assist them finish the mod to the exacting, high standards they have set. 

SRA have a few exciting plans in place the development of this mod and would they would like to share them with you;

The OZV8 mod will proudly feature Studio quality physics and sounds as developed by Reiza Studio’s for the OZV8 mod under full approval. This will ensure this mod is going to be the most realistic driving representation of any V8SC mod you have ever seen!

Further SRA are contracting all developmental aspects of this mod out too skilled professional’s to ensure only the highest quality of workmanship is achieved.

And lastly, the team at SRA seek to engage you, the wider sim racing community too support them with assisting them with the completion of the mod via a simple crowd funding program that offers various bonuses and investor incentives for you to get involved with the mod on the “ground floor” – Incentives such as custom liveries included in the mod for businesses (Pagnian Imports, SRH or the DSD styles of companies for example), or on a personal level having the crowd funding supporters names feature on the race car side windows of the cars and so on. Some of these options are limited to ensure exclusivity so you would need to be fast!

Despite having a fictional name and fictional paint jobs (paint templates will be released later), all five cars will be accurate renditions of the Supercars 2015 manufacturer body styles, and, the OZV8 mod will also include the current range of GEN2 aero kits to match.

Owners of Stock Car Extreme (and other platforms) are now formally invited to get behind this ambitious project easily by visiting the projects crowd funding page located at CROWD FUND PAGE and make a pledge, - until then everybody can enjoy a few WIP sneak peeks of some of the car’s below. 

OZV8 - Holding Commando’

 ‘OZV8 - Ninja Attitude’

We also managed to get a few exclusive photos from the guys at Sim Racing Australia, check them out below:


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Tim Chitwood On 2015-04-07 14:19:46
Tim Chitwood

These updated cars will be a fun addition to the game. I always figured the "Stock Cars" the big ones, were just V-8 Supercars in disguise. I look forward to adding these to my collection. Maybe they could bring some of the real tracks into the game with them. Modded tracks are nice, but game versions are better.


John Joubert On 2015-04-04 17:39:43
John Joubert

Seems strange that Sim Racing Oztralia are using the the same name as Sim Racing Australia(the original SRA ) an Rfactor based league established in 2006 .and still running strong???

Phill Routledge On 2015-04-04 23:27:31
Phill Routledge

Old news John. We sorted this out with them and we changed our domain name accordingly.

Mountain. Molehill.


Phill Routledge On 2015-04-04 05:29:39
Phill Routledge

Help us get the word out guys! Please use the share tools at the top of the article on this page ;)

For all ongoing updates and news on the OZV8 mod please watch this website (The Simpit) or visit http://www.simracingoz.com forums and our Facebook page found via the SimRacingOz homepage on the same link just mentioned...

Karl Wilson On 2015-04-06 00:56:28
Karl Wilson

I noticed these are the same models I have used , from Gridmotorsort, wheels and bonnet catrches a dead giveaway, and exhaust outlets....good luck

Phill Routledge On 2015-04-08 14:56:54
Phill Routledge

@ Karl,

We found an older model done by a crack team on the interwebs... http://360view.humster3d.com/original/Ford/Ford_Falcon_Mk7_FG_V8_Supercars_2014_360_720_50-1.jpg

Well I'll be!  He must have ripped the wheels and catches of Grid Autosport too! Seriously I doubt it. I'm being facetious.

I mean that's the goal of model makers right... to replicate as accurately as possible? Little wonder some assetts look strikingly similar given they/we are all replicating the same things. If it wasn't looking similar then we probably wouldn't be doing our job right would we?

We certainly aren't going to model it wrong or inaccurately just so we don't get accused of "copying" I assure you of that, We take your comments as a positive that we are doing something right thanks!

Karl Wilson On 2015-04-06 01:00:06
Karl Wilson

ps...also the tow hook/tags on front and rear splitters...lol

Phill Routledge On 2015-04-03 23:49:19
Phill Routledge

A quick shoutout to thank you Shaun for your enthusiasm and support for this project!

Best regards,


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