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Shaun Cole On October 8, 2014
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For any sim racer or automotive enthusiast an opportunity to drive a real racecar on a real track would be a chance of a lifetime.  For many of us our bucket list is filled with Cars, race tracks and many other automotive related items.  For me this is the same and I was recently able to knock an item off of my bucket list.

Allen Berg Racing School is a formula type vehicle racing school that runs at a handful of track in the southwest United States.  Their school runs a F1600 race car and has many different programs to give people like me a taste of the action.

I was recently able to attend one of the ABRS classes at Arizona Motorsports Park and I chronicled my experiences along the way.  In this video you get an idea of what it is like to attend a one day racing program like this.

Allen Berg Racing Schools:

ABRS one day program that I ran:

I would also like to thank John Hill for helping facilitate this activity as well as driving me out to phoenix and being the camera man.  In addition I want to thank Allen Berg and the entire ABRS staff, they were some of the best in the business and made this adventure very fun and fulfilling.

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M Conti On 2014-11-29 06:39:31
M Conti

How similar is this car to the AC Tatuus? It looks very similar.


Bill Switzer On 2014-11-27 01:16:44
Bill Switzer

Shaun,  Really enjoyed sharing your driving experience.  The thrill and excitement were definately evident.  It's been a long time ago, for me, but watching this reminded me of my SCCA Regional and National Production Car racing from 1968-1973.  I know the feeling you experienced.  You are now infected;  that feeling will NEVER go away.  That's OK, it's a good thing.

Thanks for sharing.



Shaun Cole On 2014-10-17 00:13:11
Shaun Cole

It was a great time, and the sort of adventure that everyone shoudl try to save up for and do.  The pricing is usually fairly affordable and their are schools all over the world.


Ellinor Ström On 2014-10-14 11:38:21
Ellinor Ström

Omg, that looks liike awesome fun, i am definitly abit jealous smile


Stephen Spenceley On 2014-10-11 01:18:21
Stephen Spenceley

A really awesome video Shawn, it was great to hear how much you enjoyed the experience despite the weather.


Stephen Spenceley On 2014-10-11 01:18:21
Stephen Spenceley

A really awesome video Shawn, it was great to hear how much you enjoyed the experience despite the weather.


Paul Tucker On 2014-10-08 20:31:39
Paul Tucker

fantastic watch, really gave me the push to go and do this, great driving guys and Shaun you blazed em, tv guys comments were funny, and John, you must be the only guy who goes racing and gets his road car beat up.....


John G. Hill On 2014-10-08 00:32:51
John G. Hill

One more point, when Shaun mentions the poor visibility in the rain, the video doesn't accurately portray those conditions.  For instance, you see the rooster tails, but you can't see that it's raining, and the camera makes the dark sky conditions in the rain look far brighter than it really was. 


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