Ricmotech Real Gear Pro GT1 3 Pedal Set Full Review

Shaun Cole On August 16, 2014
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This is the Full review of the Ricmotech Real Gear Pro GT1 3 pedal set by The Simpit. 

In this video we cover every last detail that makes up this high end pedal set.  The Pro Gt1 pedals are a very rare breed of pedals made for sim racing use.  The heard of the system is made up of real car parts for a hot rod or a weekend warriors race car.  The Pro GT pedals feature all metal construction and real master cylinders to achieve real life feel.  In this review we talk about  what makes these pedals great as well as what things could be improved and then we finish it all up with our final thought of the pedals set.  You will see how they go together, what it takes to get them setup and most importantly how they worked out on track.

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Daniel Gingras On 2014-08-21 12:46:29
Daniel Gingras

Hi Shaun, Does the Brake pedal have adjustment options for it's travel?Is there a way to modify or increase the pressure resistance to the throttle pedal?Cheers,

Shaun Cole On 2014-08-21 18:59:36
Shaun Cole

I almost want to do a follow up show ont eh adjustability of these pedals.  I have had many questions and quite honestly the adjustments are better then I even expected.

To answer your qeustions directly though.

The brake travel can be adjusted with the post that screws into the master cylinder.  Screw it in or out and then re lock it down.  The clutch will adjust its travel in the same way.

The other way to adjust the overall travel AND resistence is with the brake resistence modules.  When using the stiffest combination of spacers there will be a very very firm pedal with less movement.  When using the softest, whcih are the power assited brake modules, the pedal has more travel and is much more squishy.

I hope this helps and I will look into doing a follow up video with full details on adjustability and programability.



Shaun Cole On 2014-08-18 03:52:10
Shaun Cole

That is exactly the type of tailoring that you can do.  And yes you could literally have a profile for each car type to fix those problems.


Chris Broshar On 2014-08-17 08:41:40
Chris Broshar

Great review. I take it they will be permenately mounted to your rig now? smile


Shaun Cole On 2014-08-18 01:52:56
Shaun Cole

Yes they are somewhat permanently mounted in my rig.  smile


Billy Graham On 2014-08-17 02:09:10
Billy Graham

Great review Shaun !

I want to know more about the different software settings that affect the pedal output ? What exactley does it offer , affect , advantage , disadvantage , etc. Can you elaborate on what each settings does & what outcome to expect please ?

Thanks !

Shaun Cole On 2014-08-18 01:53:25
Shaun Cole

I mentioned that the black box could be programmed with up to 5 different pre made setups for your pedals.  There are several adjustments that can be made.

For starters you can adjust the linierity of the pedals mapping.  This is a curve that you can adjust to make the pedal work at the rate that you want.  Example.  I press the throttle to what I think is half throttle, But it turns out that it is actually only 1/3 throttle.  I can change the curve so that 1/3 throttle would read at 50%.  And the remaining 2/3rds of travel would represent the final 50% of travel.  This means the pedal is reading more at lower numbers and less at higher numbers.  I hope that makes sense.

That is one reason that one would be making a profile for their pedals.  The other reason that one might do this is, is if you are changing the brake modules for the pedals.  When I switched from the GT style to the power assist module that mimics that of a citty street car, the range of the pedal increased massively.  This would allow a profile for additional travel and at the flip of the switch my pedals would be properly calibrated.

Billy Graham On 2014-08-18 03:16:15
Billy Graham

So if you are having trouble (ie brake lockup , throttle too sensitive , traction loss , etc)  with a particular car or track it sounds like you can tailor your pedals to help control the issues ... is this correct ?  With 5 memory settings it sounds like you can set your pedals up for 5 different cars or style of racing ( open wheel , nascar , drift , etc ) ... SWEET !!! 

Thank you for the reply Shaun !

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