Shaun Cole On September 19, 2014
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This comes to us from the RFACTOR 2 WEBSITE

Much like our last build, we’ve been working to improve overall stability, refining code and consolidating development towards more complete features.

Highlights of the new build include improvements to physics, AI improvements, fixes to various bugs and crashes, and a new experimental UI for the dedicated server that allows hosts to schedule a series of races/events.

We also introduced new terrain shaders with this build. These of course become immediately available to modders. You can find documentation in the Dev Corner. Modders: Don’t forget that each build also brings a brand-new SDK/Mod Mode! Download that also from the Dev Corner.

The new dedicated server we are producing will only reference the content being used in each single event. vMod creation will be automatic per-single event, and clients will be able to join if they have the content being used for that single event, not everything that is scheduled to be used in future events. This will effectively eliminate the issues joining servers in rF2 compared to rF1, while still keeping the mismatch and cheat protection, etc, new to rF2.

Note: If updating from a build older than 798, please either use auto update – or – freshly install. File structure changes introducing 64bit executables with B798, so an ‘install over top’ with the Lite installer will leave redundant files everywhere!

Update 26 (Build 859-unstable, 860-release) Changelog Sep 12, 2014):

- Dropped support for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 to make exploitation of state of the art Windows APIs possible.
- Added slightly more informative (as in, the actual file names that fail to load) logging to commentary loading.
- Ride height measurement (for aerodynamics and telemetry output) is no longer affected by vertical offsets in the undertray feelers. This was done so that the physics is more consistent between the player vs. the AI. This slightly affects the physics for the Nissan 370Z and it is possible that it affects some 3rd-party cars. Also, we fixed the HDV parameter CorrectedInnerSuspHeightRear to work with rear axles, and eliminated the hacky AIEvenSuspension and AITorqueStab variables.

- Fixed crash on exit.
- Fixed TrackIR in 64-bit.
- Forcing playerfile variables to exist between their min and max upon load from file.
- Fixed bug with English version of the game to make degree signs for temperature (°) consistent through out.
- Fixed bug with RCD editing from UI in dev mode so we now create drivers (that exist in the veh file) that don’t exist in any RCD file.
- Reduced some violent collisions caused by tiny gaps in the wall.
- Prevent physics blow-ups caused by negative wheel inertias.
- Fixed possible crash at shutdown.

- New dedicated server UI added as an option in the advanced tab. It can be used to start quick pick up races based on settings made by the conventional dedicated server.

- Modmode: Fixed pit location picking resetting the menu every time a location is recorded.
- Improved AIW editor waypoint by waypoint calculated speed matcher. It’s now less likely to get confused and auto advances the selected wp in the direction you are (or should be) working.

- Added an “AI setup” button to the “car tuning” page so that one can set the upgrades the AI should use for a specific track.
- Can set AI setup (select the AI from the grid, then select the setup you want from the garage, and hit the set to AI button), and it takes next time the car enters the garage
- Made the AI speed reduction due to darkness start at 0.5 light instead of .99. Made player car under AI control operate at 0 speed instead of being based on original driver rcd stats
- AIs now turn off engine when heading back into garage.
- Fixed a bug where AI can forget how to stop on their pit spot.
- Changed “AI Setup” button so that user dictated setups can’t overwrite upgrade configurations dictated by component. Renamed it to “Force Setup”, because it’s not just AI that are forced to use this setup, but the player as well.


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Hey Shaun:

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