Project Sim Racer - The Next Step - Episode 2

Shaun Cole On November 27, 2014
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Project Sim Racer is an on going segment at The Simpit.  In these segments we work with a rookie sim racer on his quest to become a sim racing champion.

In the first episodes Shaun cole worked with our rookie driver, Andreas Martin Mørch, they worked on basic handling skills and getting up to speed in the Skip Barber car on iRacing.

In this, the second full episode they move on to learning the track and finding speed.  This week they are at Mosport, and this track has several difficult sections to watch out for.  They also work on setting up and making passes stick.  You can also see the tremendous amount of progress that Andreas has made in a few short weeks and the amount of car control and speed that he now has.

At the end of the episode Shaun also explains the few setup options that area available for the Skip Barber car so that Andreas can dial it in for his needs at any track.

Extra footage:
Walk-through of Mosport:

Shaun's setup lesson: Uncut

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Bill Elliott Bill Elliott
TP needs some updating. It is not very intuitive for new users. Instructions are hard to follow at times. Support response is in need of someone's dedication. Having individual paints is a real attraction within iRacing. This needs to be done better or replaced! â€‹Interesting that without member support there would be no answers or help. It's a shame, the program is so popular not to have good management.

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Billy Stanley Billy Stanley
I plan on taking this advice.   Great page!

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Rusty Alford Rusty Alford
“Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” 
― Vince Lombardi Jr.

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Andy Rohrer Andy Rohrer
Hey Shaun:

I was hoping to participate in the next race and on Simracing System it says it's at Fuji. Which version of Fuji should I download.


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Michael Baley Michael Baley
I am all signed up and ready to race in the Carrera Cup, except for one thing.  How do I obtain Road America?  I do not have it in AC as one of my tracks.  Where is it?

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