Project Sim Racer: Hills and Valleys - Highlights from Season 1 - Episode 7

Shaun Cole On March 13, 2015
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Andreas spent most of season 1 of the 2015 iRacing schedule practicing and racing without any championship goals. Instead, he focused on finding his weaknesses to work on them for season 2. 

Watch as Andreas reports on the highlights, both ups and downs, in season 1 before starting up season 2 next week. 

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Tim Chitwood On 2015-03-16 11:04:06
Tim Chitwood

I agree and he is learning how to use the media and sponsorship, at least to a point. Being a successful racer takes a lot of different disciplines. 


Andreas Wagner On 2015-03-16 09:50:13
Andreas Wagner

The Star Mazda is really difficult with cold tires and the "warm tires brake balance". Do you have buttons mapped for changing brake balance? If not, I recommend you do. I allways adjust the brake balance of the SM 2-3 % forward when I start a stint/quali/race and gradually put it back as the tires get warm. Otherwise the first few minutes are pretty difficult to brake at the limit.


Andreas Martin Mørch On 2015-03-19 14:18:19
Andreas Martin Mørch

Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go! It's not as bad after the suspension change though.

- Andreas


Shaun Cole On 2015-03-15 17:43:49
Shaun Cole


Andreas is a perfect example of the mental attitude it takes to get to a Huttu level.  Sometimes it takes more then just driving skills but the approach as well.


Tim Chitwood On 2015-03-13 21:30:00
Tim Chitwood

It takes time and patience, fortunately you have a lot of both. Maybe you will be a future Huttu... smile

Andreas Martin Mørch On 2015-03-15 18:26:25
Andreas Martin Mørch

That's the plan, yes!


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Shane Robinson Shane Robinson
Great review, you've convinced me to buy one of these for my rigsmile

One question, do you think the mounting brackets could be inverted (and swapped left to right) to mount it from the top?

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Amedeo Magoni Amedeo Magoni
Hello Shaun!!!
VERY SORRY If I contact from here but I don't know other Solution!!!
Can you PLEASE reply me to thread here just under?


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Dino Arellano Dino Arellano
Hey man. Love your style and input on all your reviews. I have a question: my rig is fo the ps4, it has the thrustmaster t300 Alcántara edition, the fanatec clubsport v3 pedals, the cpx adapter from Basherboards, and I am looking forward to get this fanate shifter. You said that I could connect this shifter directly to the pedals via a USB cable. My question is: is that setup only for pc or will it work with the setup I provided above? 

Thanks very much for your answer. I wouldn't wanna have to conform with the th8 because a misunderstanding of compatibility, and missing out on the fanatec Choice. 

Thanks a bunch! 

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Tim Chitwood Tim Chitwood
Okay 20 minutes is too short. Make the races an hour. Can you make it w/o pitting? I don't know, but with or w/o pitting it would be fun.

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Tony Reynolds Tony Reynolds
Thanks for the breakdown of your driving next to the best of your race. This comparison was an eye opener to how I should be driving compared to how I am actually driving.  You keep referring to trail breaking I'm relatively new to this new IRacing,(was an original owner of the first Nascar and had spend hours upon hours doing it.)  And I just don't get how it helps or hurts your racing style, I'll keep watching thanks for the video's and keep going fast. Tony

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