Project Sim Racer - Easy does it - Episode 1 part 2

Shaun Cole On November 2, 2014
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This is part 2 of the first episode f Project Sim Racer.  In part one Shaun Cole of The Simpit works with our new rookie driver, Andreas Martin Mørch, as they go through the steps from rookie to hopefully a pro level driver.

The previous episode started out with the basics.  Checking your gear, and getting up to speed with the car.  In this episode we start to move onto learning a new track and picking the fast driving line.  We also look for the spots to maximize our lap times. From here Shaun shows Andreas some tricks fro extra speed out of the car.  In the end they set things up for Andreas to work on these skills in preparation for his first week of racing.

Sim racing is a form of motorsport that requires many of the same skills as real life race car driving.  In the world of motorsports it can take years of learning to become one of racing's best.  In sim racing we can accelerate that learning curve but it still takes dedication, focus and a little bit of genetic talent.

***There were some audio issues in the filming of this video that we apologize for.  We are working on improving these issues and have done as best as we can to fix what we have here.***

iRacing forum post on wheel settings (must be a member)

Other relevant video: Accelerating and Braking

Episode 1 part 1:

Wheel check (active iRacing account required):

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Raul Daniel On 2015-02-19 05:10:24
Raul Daniel

Apexitis it is :D He seem's fast allready. smile


Aki Tuulivaara On 2014-11-19 22:23:37
Aki Tuulivaara

Thank you Shaun and Andreas for making and sharing these videos, so educating and entertaining! High quality of The Simpit proven once again, I really like this site.


Paul Tucker On 2014-11-04 15:27:22
Paul Tucker

ah yes Apexitis, i suffer from this condition too, great training video again guys, good info and a sense of fun and enjoyment, keep it up....


Andreas Wagner On 2014-11-03 20:54:42
Andreas Wagner

Hey Andreas,

nice episode, again! You act like a natural in front of the camera (when it works :D). I had a big laugh when you said "the real star of todays show is... me :/" :D.

I'm also really impressed about your consitency. Running several laps in a range of +/- one tenth is a perfect way to become better and work on details. Many people find the limit from the wrong side. In other words they practice (hopefully) until they don't crash (that much) anymore instead of driving consitently to find the limit from the safe side like you would do in real life.

I hate to come back to slip angles again but I feel like I have to clarify this once more to have a clear conscience:

I realized that the term "slip angle" is the same for two different things. In german we have two terms:
1. Schräglaufwinkel = "tire" slip angle = angle between the direction the tire is heading and the direction it is moving
2. Schwimmwinkel = "vehicle" slip angle = angle between heading- and moving-direction of the vehicle (in vehicles center of gravity)

In the video you accidently mixed these two definitions. The direction where the TIRE is heading and where the VEHICLE is moving is actually the steering angle (but only when the vehicle slip angle is 0°). With the vehicle slip angle you can't really describe oversteer and understeer. The reason is this:

When having an oversteering car you have a positive "vehicle" slip angle because the vehicle has rotated relative to its path of motion. It's not really possible to have a negative vehicle slip angle (unless you define it as angle to the right and to the left) because that would mean the car is pointing out of the corner but still follows the corner. You might do that with a monster truck where you can steer both axles but with an standard steering technique it's not possible.

The definition for UNDERSTEER is a greater tire slip angle at the front tires than at the rear tires. For OVERSTEER you have a greater tire slip angle at the rear tires than at the front tires. For example in drifting you might have rear tire slip angles of 40° and more while the front tires have a slip angle close to 0°.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next episode smile.



Marshall Williams On 2014-11-03 08:15:45
Marshall Williams

Now I know why I suck so bad. I'm pushing my shopping cart all wrong smile


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