Project Sim Racer - Back To The Basics - Episode 1 part 1

Shaun Cole On October 26, 2014
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Project sim racer is an ongoing segment at The Simpit, where we follow a new sim racer in their quest to become one of the sports best.  

Sim racing is a form of motorsport that requires many of the same skills as real life race car driving.  In the world of motorsports it can take years of learning to become one of racing best.  In sim racing we can accelerate that learning curve but it still takes dedication, focus and a little bit of genetic talent.

Shaun Cole of The Simpit works with our new rookie driver, Andreas Martin Mørch, as they go through the steps from rookie to hopefully a pro level driver.  

In this episode it is back to the basics as they begin this series with an introduction to Andreas and some important things to take care before even heading out on track.  From there they move on to some of the first things you should be working on when one first starts off sim racing. This will set the tone for what is to come in future episodes.

***There were some audio issues in the filming of this video that we apologize for.  We are working on improving these issues and have done as best as we can to fix what we have here.***

iRacing forum post on wheel settings (must be a member)

Other relevant video: Accelerating and Braking

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Raul Daniel On 2015-02-19 05:08:16
Raul Daniel

Interesting. Wish I had an instructor back when I started. This sould save him a couple of years of frustration. :D


Richard Calnon On 2014-11-11 03:59:32
Richard Calnon

Great video Shaun , I went from consistently slow 1.01's to decent 59.5's in just an hour after watching. Thanks the lessons were a great help.


Tim Chitwood On 2014-10-30 02:13:05
Tim Chitwood

I am impressed that you guys are doing this. I have never had the patience for this kind of step by step instruction or practice, maybe why I am such a slow driver. I do plan on following the show and doing most if not all the steps you show. Who knows maybe I can knock a little time off of my laps. Now that would really be something. But mainly I am glad to see you taking this young man under your wing and I look forward to watching him evolve. Good luck guys.


Pat Harris On 2014-10-27 23:06:54
Pat Harris

This is just brilliant!  I'm happy to see your involvement with newcomers and the communities.  I've tried to do this same thing (minus a video) with little to no avail.  Though I've managed to help a couple friends through practice, and showing them iracing school videos, your ideas of repitition practice is great.  I think the hardest part for newcomers is the very beginning.  Not even the first drive, but before even that.  The mentality.  The mental picture of "racing" and "being fast" and what it means.  To many, this means immediately mashing every input, and nearly breaking the gear shifter to try and act like a super star drag racer, and then immediately get frustrated when the sim doesn't give you a golden medal for being rediculous.  This is very hard to break with some people.  Your comment on his professionalism and attention to detail is exactly that.  It's the right mindset to be able to calmly and progressively allow yourself to take these steps, and not jump to the final steps.  Very nicely handled indeed.Also to note, as a "rookie," he sure is smooth about it.  Calm,  collective, not bashing into the first corner as fast as physically possible.  That shows a lot of potential.....sure wish I could get a couple of my friends to do the same....any suggestions on that? Can't wait for the next video.

Shaun Cole On 2014-10-28 00:46:24
Shaun Cole

THank you Pat and I see it the same way as you do.  The whole mentality thing, being prepared before you get on track.  And learnign that we are using a tool, our car, and using it well is what the masters do.


Paul Thompson On 2014-10-27 19:02:40
Paul Thompson

Such a brilliant idea for the show, well done to the both of you. I look forward to part 2 :D


Andreas Wagner On 2014-10-27 10:31:10
Andreas Wagner

Hi Shaun,

nice show! I really like the concept of this new segment or series. I think it would be great if the two of you would use iSpeed next time to properly determine how your inputs differ from Andreas' inputs.

I also liked that you explained a bit of theory or vehicle dynamics in the lesson. However, your presentation of the slip angle and the way the self aligning torque works was a bit wrong:

The slip angle is actualy the angle between the direction where the tire is pointing and the direction it is going. This causes the tire to deform elastically and this generates the lateral force in the tire contact patch (the deformed tire wants to return to its original shape and thereby pushes the chassis sideways).
If you're going straight the slip angle is 0° and the self aligning torque should have the lowest value (longitudinal forces and lateral forces induced by toe in/out should be symmetric). When turning in the slip angle increases, the lateral forces increase and the aligning torque (felt in the steering wheel) also increases.

In a REAL tire you have the maximum self aligning torque BEFORE the optimum slip angle or the maximum lateral force of the tire so in a real car you have to steer just above that point when the steering becomes lighter. That's the point where you get the maximum out of the tire (depending on wheel load, temperature and so on). I'm not sure if this is simulated correctly in iRacing or if you have the maximum lateral force together with the maximum steering torque.

The reason why the aligning torque becomes less (=> steering becomes lighter) is this: with small slip angle the biggest part of the contact patch sticks to the road and only the last bit (where the tire allready takes of the ground) slides on the road surface to get in its original position relative to the tire. While increasing the slip angle the tire deformes more and more. At the same time a bigger part of the contact patch is sliding decreasing the part which is sticking and moving the resulting point where the lateral force acts forwards. "Sliding" still produces lateral forces but not as much as "sticking", however, this still provides more grip than in the beginning.

There will be a point when the resulting force of sticking and sliding times lever to the kingpin axle will produce the maximum self aligning torque. However, this is still NOT the "maximum of the tire". A bit more slip angle will produce a bit more lateral force but with the contact point moving forward this results in less steering torque.

After that point more slip angle will reduce the overall lateral force (less sticking, more sliding within the contact patch). Because the resulting contact point moves still forwards this leads to an inversion of the tire self aligning torque (negative pneumatic trail) and the tire wants to steer into the corner by itself. Usually this negative pneumatic trail is filtered out by a bigger mechanical trail (caused by the kinematics of the suspension).


Shaun Cole On 2014-10-28 00:48:39
Shaun Cole

Hello Andi,

Thank you so much for your wonderful explanation of Slip Angle.  I think in my piece I was more concerned about the feeling in the wheel then actual slip angle, but your point is perfectly made.  I welcome you to add to any of these pieces with more detail in the future.  Thanks again.


Shaun Cole On 2014-10-27 01:57:31
Shaun Cole

Marshall, Thank you so much for the comliments on the show.  We are having so much fun here as this show is taking its own form.  Andreas is really the one to commend on this piece though.  He is the one who really brainstormed the idea to completion and has done all of the heavy lifting.  It has been such a pleasure to do this segment and we have more coming quickly.

And yes Shawn, you like my rookie mistake!!! DOH!!!!


Marshall Williams On 2014-10-26 19:15:20
Marshall Williams

Hi Shaun

I been watching episodes of your show since it's conception.
To tell the the truth I've been quite envious.  But mostly impressed.
Yet after watching this episode I felt highly compelled to commend you on the exellence of the content you've been producing, and especicially this particualar episode.
I found this Project Sim Racer - Back To The Basics episode to be as imersive as a professionally equipped rig.
The commentary between yourself and Andreas made me feel as though I were there in class with you. (sitting in the back with my mouth shut of course smile ). 
I've envisioned something like this for some time, and you've pulled it of like a champ. 
You've raised the bar in expanding the field of knowledge in sim related topics for a very large populus of the sim community worldwide.
Your presententation is impresive and convincing. The production engineering is on par. You're spittin out content at an insane rate. But yet you maintain just the right balance of quality and quanity. 
Love your set.
Kudos bruh, and keep up the great work.

Marshall Williams On 2014-10-26 19:59:57
Marshall Williams

Sorry I meant "inception" instead of conception.


Shawn Purdy On 2014-10-26 18:07:06
Shawn Purdy

lol black flag Shaun!

This is really good. Be interesting to see how Andreas progresses. smile


Shaun Cole On 2014-10-26 16:48:47
Shaun Cole

When I recieved the video from Andreas, presenting the idea, I just had to give him a shot.  He had a certain professionaism an attention to detail that really made me believe he could get somewhere in a short amount of time.  I look forward to seeign waht we can do in the next coming weeks and months.


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