DIY Aluminum 80/20 Tubing Simrig

Shaun Cole On August 27, 2015
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I have had so many requests to show my rig (Sim Chassis) and how it was built.  In reality my rig is quite old and has gone through so many variations, that despite being highly functional, it was not as nice as it could be.  For this and a few other reasons I decided to build myself a new rig and chronicle that build for you.

The new rig will be made of Aluminum Profile Tubing.  This tubing comes in many different trade names, Extrusion, 80/20 and profile just to name a few.  The tubing also comes in a variety of different styles, shapes and hardware all unique to that manufacturer.  Regardless of the brand name or style of tubing they all work in a very similar manor.  

One thing to remember when planning your own build.  This rig was built for me, and I am a shorter driver.  If you are taller you might want to add more length and height to your design.  Also some tubing companies might have better hardware then I used available.  My design here is more for inspiration and a starting point then actual blueprint to do your own.

I have also filmed a full length version of this rig build.  That video will be able to be seen within a couple of days.  I also built a triple screen monitor stand,  I will have that show available in a couple days after that.

I have included a total list of the tubing used for my Rig..  (please use these as guidlines and adjust for your size and equipment.  Also  I ordered a few extra of each piece in case I wanted to add or make changes later.)

Here is a list of the hardware used to build my rig.  I actually purchased quite a bit more hardware then this for changes that might come later.  I already used 5 more nuts and bolts to mount accessories, so this is a minimum amount)

I have also included a list of the steps taken and the parts used in order to help anyone trying to follow along:
  Description 36 inch length 24 inch length 18 inch length 12 inch length 90 Degree Bracket Flat Bracket T Bracket Nuts and Bolts
Step 1 Bottom Rectangle 2   2   4     8
Step 2 Seat Riser 1   2     2 2   8
Step 3 Seat Riser 2   2       2 2 10
Step 4 Seat Cross Bars     2   4     8
Step 5 Seat (add to rig)               4
Step 6 Pedal Cross Bars     2   4 2   12
Step 7 Pedal Mount Bars   2     4     8
Step 8 Pedals (add to rig)         4     4
Step 9 Right Upright   2     3 2   10
Step 10 R Upright Cross Brace     1   3     6
Step 11 Left Upright   2     4 2   12
Step 12 Wheel Deck     2   2 2   8
Step 13 Wheel Deck Support       1 5     10
Step 14 Diagonal Brace     1   1   1 5
  Total Pieces 2 10 10 1 40 12 3 113

Here is a list of a few tubing suppliers that I have found.  I am not encouraging you to use them, but more getting you started ni seeing the differences and prcing of different companies.  I uge you to find a good supplier near you to save of shipping.


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Kevin Brooks On 2015-10-14 00:09:26
Kevin Brooks

I built a rig last weekend based on your video and design. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos and put the info out there. For anyone else building one I have a couple of things i learned. I used the 10 series from 80/20 Inc and found it to be strong enough, although I did add angle aluminum I purchased at a home improvement store to run a brace from the main verticals to the horizontal arms that hold the side monitors without them sagging. Also I am 6ft tall and decided to ad 4 inches to the overall rectangle on the rig itself. I think this was unnecessary and thanks to the sliders on my seat i would have been just fine using your original measurements. Thanks again and keep the videos and info comimng.
I would love for you to do a series on diy motion rigs.


Scott Heffel On 2015-10-12 14:10:12
Scott Heffel

I am trying to get a dui/distracted driving portable cockpit and triple monitor stand. I liked/like these models that look very similar to the 80/20 but cost 2k(just stand and cockpit with chair). Because the software for the program is thousands, I am looking for a cockpit and stand that I can get made to have at least 27'' monitors, fit people of all sizes. I would love to contact you so I do not have to mention the manufacturers here. I could use any help anyone is willing to offer. I also want to put wheels and add hieght to the rig, I will go to someone around here for that probably.

I am not using the rig for racing but for college to college awareness.


Jamal Ghandour On 2015-09-23 12:50:37
Jamal Ghandour

shaun can you please tell us how tall are you in centimeteres please? 
I would like to do my calculations right based on your design

Shaun Cole On 2015-09-23 13:09:00
Shaun Cole

I am only 167 centimeters (5'6") tall.  This rig as is could be built to accomodate someone as tall as 6 foot tall (183 CM)

Jamal Ghandour On 2015-10-20 07:28:37
Jamal Ghandour

Hello shaun
Thanks for your answer i found 40*40 T slot tubing in my country.
Would it still be possible to build the project with 40*40?

Ellinor Ström On 2015-09-17 15:30:10
Ellinor Ström

For all the Swede's out there thinking about building this. You will find Aluminium profiles like these at Wasn't easy to find a Swedish supplier.


Jacob Rumbarger On 2015-09-03 00:37:46
Jacob Rumbarger

Glad I found you Shaun! Keep up the awesome work man!

Question for anyone: Best place to get a cheap AND decent seat for Sim racing? 


Michael Gilbert On 2015-08-29 10:57:12
Michael Gilbert

Awesome video Shaun. I am keen to build a monitor stand using 80/20. Can't wait for that video.


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