Accuforce Steering Wheel - Exclusive Hands On First Look

Shaun Cole On January 5, 2015
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The Accuforce Steering Wheel by Sim Xperience is likely to be the biggest product release on the hardware side of sim racing in many years.  This wheel signifies a new era in sim racing, where its competitors can expect High end components instead of the plastic toy type wheels that have been used in the past.

The Simpit recently traveled to the Sim Xperience headquarters to have an exclusive hands on first look at this wheel.  The first production model of the Accuforce wheel now resides on their in house full motion simulator.

During this trip we were able to spend many hours of driving and learning what makes this fine steering wheel so special.  We talk about all of its features and what is included in the $1749 dollar price tag.  We also talk about the Sim Commander software that drives this wheel and how it also helps separate this wheel from any other on the market.

But in the end it comes down to driving, and how it performed in our hands out on track.  We did plenty of that and have a very strong opinion on how it did.

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Bailey Lagstrum On 2015-01-10 18:37:13
Bailey Lagstrum

Hey Shaun, I've got a dilema now and it's not of my own doing as I was perfectly content. smile
I ordered the V2 and still have a month or more to go before it ships. Hubby watches your video on the AccuForce with me (no he's never raced) and tells me I should cancel the V2 and ordered it instead (he's heard me speak of Fanatec's issues). So now I'm doing homework as I haven't followed it all that closely.

One of my fears... seeing you (Remco and others) fight with powerful forces is that it would be more than I can physcially stand. But after seeing the FFB adjustments I began to second guess myself. Would I indeed be able to tweak the FFB in a way that I get the details I need/want without having the 'force to steer' up so high I'm just plain worn out? When I saw 'child mode' I had to giggle. I'm not wimp of course but I don't have the stamina I once did.

My needs and wants are no doubt a little different than some sim racers. Even though I've been racing in one form or another since the 80's I could not handle true to life simulation forces. One being I'm a girl, two being I'm an ole girl. lol


Shaun Cole On 2015-01-11 21:10:13
Shaun Cole

Hello Bailey,

Yes is the answer to your question overall.  Withou even having to go into the child mode, you can just turn down the ovverall effects of this wheel.  You can go from as delicate as can be, no force feedback, all the way up to total exhaution.  And then anything in between.  What is also great abou this wheel on very low force feedback is that it can still be felt.  



Daniel Gingras On 2015-01-06 21:32:22
Daniel Gingras

I'm wondering if the new sim commander software will work on any wheel or that feature is locked to only work with the Accuforce? I'm sure people like myself that own the Fanatec V2 wheel base will want to know if it will eventually work in conjunction with their software. I can't help but think the software has a massive effect at how great the wheel feels not just the super high end motor.

As an owner of sim commander/simvibe it's very impressive what it can do and the new version is not out yet and that is apparently a mass improvement.

As for the wheel rim I just wish it looked a little more bling with an LED display and some rev lights. Give us a lap time counter, gear info, delta...

I know there are great product out there that can be added to a rig or wheel but I just feel for the cost it should be there. 


Shaun Cole On 2015-01-09 17:23:11
Shaun Cole

It will only work with the Accuforce Wheel.  This is why we need high end product like this in our world.  THis will push the other manufacturers to get more with the times and give us end users more freedom and options.


Tim Chitwood On 2015-01-06 15:13:11
Tim Chitwood

I know I went thru 2 Logitech DFGTs and 2 Logitech G27's in 5 years of constant 8+ hours a day usage. I loved those wheels but then I moved up to my Thrustmaster T500 and I am hopeful it will last a few years. Yeah if I add up the cost of those wheels I am getting close to the price of the Accuforce wheel. My only complaint about the Af wheel would be that it is not compatible with any consoles. I realize they have to have the access codes or security tags or whatever they call the keys to the system and that costs money. It is not even why I am not buying one, that is because I just bought my T500 wheel. In the future, hopefully not too soon, when I wear out my wheel, I will take another look at their wheels. 


Paul Thompson On 2015-01-05 21:33:30
Paul Thompson

Another great video/show, thank you Shaun.

This is a series bit of kit, and something to consider :D


Michael Dao On 2015-01-05 20:18:11
Michael Dao

Good review Shaun,

At this price and what it has it's a no brainer, but does it has a kill switch or not?

I'm getting one for sure, obviously $2K (actually it's $1660 with the rebate)  is a lot of money, but one need to put in perspective, going to the beach one week is $5K for the family, $750 for a hockey game (including beer, parking...) , life is expensive, at the end the AF is real,real cheap. I was tempted by a bodnar, but I did resit myself till the AF is out.

Take Care


Shaun Cole On 2015-01-05 19:32:05
Shaun Cole

Hello Jon,

I loved this wheel so much and if I had the money i would buy one for sure.  For me, many years ago, I was sick of broekn cheap plastic wheels, I had a stack of red momo logitechs in the garage worth about 900 bucks.  I ended up saving up and buying a TSW for $1050 to not have to through away more wheels.  It was a great choice an a big leap for me at the time.  I feel like I am again at one of those crossroads.  Now me wheels do last longer and perform better then the old red momo's but I still feel like its time to save up and step up to the REAL equipment. 


Valeriano Bellinzoni On 2015-01-05 23:43:19
Valeriano Bellinzoni

Hi Shaun! I've a question for you. You have tested this beauty and Ec sim sw. In europe the price of this two wheels is similar. Considering that, which one do you prefer? Another question: do you think ffb could be considered strong like a real go kart or car without servo?

Thank you for you time!

Shaun Cole On 2015-01-09 17:24:32
Shaun Cole

Both wheels were very similar in the areas of Speed, smoothness, force feedback and durability.  Granted there were many months between testing these wheels.  But as I said in my review, what really took the AF wheel to a higher level was the Overall design or look, the included and very well thought out button boxes, paddle shifters, and quick release system, and then the Sim Commander software software to top it off.  It is the Total package that makes the biggest difference to me.  I believe that makes the AF wheel much less money even in europe when you add that in to the other direct drive wheels.

Jon Seswick On 2015-01-05 14:40:39
Jon Seswick

hi shaun,

superb reveiw as always i to have been following the progress of thi wheel and i will be purchasing it for sure as i agree with you that for the price it has to be the biggest no brainer in sim racing history!!

now to my question will you be buying one yourself? and if not WHY?!! apart from the price i cant see what else would stop you judging from your comments!


mr jon seswick

Shaun Cole On 2015-01-09 17:29:30
Shaun Cole

That is a tough queston to answer.  If I was ina  financial position to buy one I would likely be in the market for one.  If I was tight on funds, then I would have to wait until a better time.  There is no doubt in my mind of the bang for the buck or value of this wheel to a true hobbiest.


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