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Kevin Ross

Hey guys, I'm a software developer and know that if you have seen the software every day for some time, you forget what a new user experience is like.  Here was mine with respect to listing an item:

I wouldn't mind listing an item, but when I try, it says "You need to purchase seller credits in order to list an item for sale in the marketplace" without a convenient link in the message to purchase.

No problem, I scroll down below the fold and find the "Get Credits", which reveals a set of "credit" packages.

What is a "credit"?  I have no idea, all I know is that it is scary and non-refundable.  

How many credits do I need for a listing?  No idea.  

How long will the listing run?  No idea.

End result?  No purchase, no listing.

Ah, so forum post written, and I go back to the page to close it and I see buried in the text "It only costs 1 credit to list 1 item!"  

So you could chalk this up to user error, OR you could say "Hey, I think we need to present it a bit differently"

Best of luck, looks good for the sim racing community.

Kevin Ross

I just purchased credits, and it didn't return me to the site.  I think you can just add that as a param to the paypal interaction to get me back.  As-is, I had to hunt down the page I wanted to get back to.

Kevin Ross

I purchased at 8:44pm CST (transaction id 11H506695H305893M), and my email is correct, but I receive "You need to purchase seller credits in order to list an item for sale in the marketplace. If you already have credits make sure you set your paypal email address in your seller account page." when visiting:


Shawn Purdy

Hi Kevin,

You just need to set the email address in your seller information page. So the system knows where to send the money when someone buys your product(s)
 (you need to be logged in)

I think you've made some good suggestions. We definitely have some improvements to work on.

As for the listing length. The listing never ends. Unless you manually end the listing yourself. We may offer timed listings later. But for now it will stay listed until it sells.

I apologize for the late response here. You can always send any issues or questions to as well.



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