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Did quite some sim racing years ago, latest Nascar 2003 (yeah, that way back) and GTR2. After picking up a Rift-S VR headset, i wanted to see what this gave from immersion point of view over a flat screen. Much to my dissapointment, all new/latest race sim games seems to be "Steam only". There is no way i will install Steam again, i just don't like the way it takes over my computer. Are there any other options beside going Steam and buy a stand alone version of any of there (Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, etc...)?


Hi JH, I know this is a old post but in case others have the same question......
Yes, unfortunately you will need to use Steam. Especially being a Rift-S owner the use of Steam with SteamVR opens up a whole new world of posibilities. I think there are a few sim titles on the Oculus store but beware, they may be for VR only and not have a flat monitor version of the game whereas with Steam, if the game is capable of doing both, you will get both functions (2d monitor and VR). The other good thing about buying your software on Steam as compared to the Oculus store is if you ever decide to change VR headset to a non Oculus (Windows Mixed Reality or SteamVR based (Valve Index, HTC Vive)) then your software will run natively on Steam whereas with a non Oculus headset, to use any software on the Oculus store, you'll need to use "ReVive" with SteamVR, ReVive can be kind of clunky, some Oculus software works fine with it, some not so great. I have both a Rift-CV1 a Rift-S and a Odyssey Plus and I get all my software through Steam for the reasons stated above.
I hope this helps.
Take care
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