The Best Assetto Corsa Mods

Shaun Cole

Tonight a review of the early access build of Assetto Corsa will be live on our site.  In that video I ask that the Assetto fans help me make a list of the best mods available for Assetto Corsa.  In an upcoming show I will be featuring our favorite picks.

Please post your favorites and please give as much info as you can.  Name, Maker, type of mod, download link if possible, and even your opinion or why you think it deserves to be mentioned.

Shaun Cole

My personal favorite and the only mod shown during the review was Nordschleif by Snoopy 

Mod Name: Nordschleif
Mod Type: Track
Download link:ürburgring-nordschleife.2270/
Made By: Original creators:
*Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
6e66o - textures
Thorsten Rueter - Cam's
Misan - AIW, Cam'sTobi - website, boardThanks to:
Tmanning47 - Conversion
Stereo - Conversion fixes
Qwaribo -brute force json editing
Flashcrow - AI
Snoopy - Modeling, texturing.

Reason for being my favorite:  This is a no brainer, despite being a conversion that has been redone man times, it is hard to imagine the maount of man hours behind this incredible track.

Irfan Pratama

Corvette c6r 2013 by unitedracingdesign
Link >>
this was my favorite mod in Assetto Corsa for now... having a lot of good times driving it on nordschleife..
the 3d (exterior and interior) was nicely done... and shader stuff was done also quite goods,,,
and phyics was tottaly great, eventhough some people said there's something wrong on brake stuff...


Parker O'Bryant

Mod Name: Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
Mod Type: Car
Download Link:
Made By: the_meco & pankykapus

This is a fantastic mod, in my opinion. There are three different versions of the car to choose from, Street, Replica and S/C, and they all feel wonderful to drive. If you have Assetto Corsa, you should have this mod. 

Blake Courtney

i agree with both post above Great mods.
Heres one i like Share Mod name Tudor United SportsCar Championship 
made by International Endurance Racing (IER)
i found it on Official web site loving this mod.
great lookin car. shows more to come in future for the mod, hit 1 and lcd dash lights up, great mod so far , daytona protypes!

Akis K

I agree with you guys. I just want to add some mods that haven't been mentioned yet to the list!

Reliant Robin (for fun races)

Gentrack1 (fantasy track made from scratch)

Blackwood from Live for Speed (with permission from the original creators)
and of course a ton of tracks converted from rfactor like Longford, Fuji, Laguna Seca, Donington etc.


Tim Hansford

Of course I love the latest version of Snoopy's Nordschleife, but another favorite that I was waiting for was Salzburgring. It's a fast, flowing, beautiful track, and this version is wonderful (even with cow moos). I've been enjoying this track in Race07 and GTR2, and it's wonderful to see this updated version in AC.

It's like a "mini Monza" and the Ostschleife curve at the end of the back run is a faster, more exciting version of Monza's Parabolica. Decelerating at just the right amount and times into the entry of the Ostschleife, Fahrer Lagerkurve, and the Schikane is key for this track. The other challenge is the Emcokurve at the end of the start finish straight, similar but smaller again, to Monza's first "dogleg," Variante del Rettifilo.


Tim Hansford

Here's another new track mod I really like--very technical, fast sections, drastric changes in elevation.

I've run Algarve in Race07 and GTR2 a few hundred times, and this update to AC is very good.

Algarve International Circuit

Ellinor Ström

The Shelby Cobra, it is just amazing! I made a video on it with Snoopy's Nordschleife

Shaun Cole

Great suggestions and keep them coming.  I will probably be doing hte Assetto Corsa Mod show next month.


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