Shaun introduced him - Let`s introduce ourselves


Hi guys,
This topic can be seen in many forums...but it is good to know each other . Every person is more than nickname.

Starting with me.
My name is Krassi , I`m 37 from Sofia,Bulgaria.
My hobbies are motorcycles, fitnes, simracing, marathon runing
I play consoles and pc titles.
Still trying to avoid iRacing - because is time consuming monstersmile 
Birthday 25 Augustsmile

Race Like Santa

The Cheesemeister

Hi Krassi. Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone. My name is Chris, I'm 34 years old and I'm from Preston, England.
My hobbies are cycling, playing the guitar and listening to Dream Theater!
Yesterday was a great day for me... it was my first go on iRacing. I loved it! I spent most of the day on the grass around the outside of Limerock but I managed to string a few clean laps together in the end.
I have been building myself a sim racing seat for the last few weeks and I was able to test it out. It is coming along well but it isn't ready quite yet. I'll put some pics up when it is finished. :D

It might not be 12 inches but it SMELLS like a foot!


Nice to see you , Mate!

Every man can be a Champion - every glass can be a Trophy!smile

This is the Simpitic Philosophy!

Race Like Santa


Hi everyone!

My name is Fredrik, i am 27years of age and born in the middle of Sweden but currently living in Halmstad wich is in the southwest of Sweden.
My hobbys are simracing and gaming in general, cars and racing and fishing.

Im still walking on air since i took my first ever win in simracing earlier this week smile
Currently i mostly run iRacing and Race07 but i do sometimes have fun in RBR.

Paul Heijmans

Hi all , my name is paul heijmans , im from holland and im 35 ,married and got a daughter who,s 5 years old called SENNA (im pretty proud of thatsmile)
My hobby,s are swimming ,running ,and simracing witch i,ve been doing for the past 15 years or so .
I play on pc only and have about every sim out there exept for iracing ,i had it but decided to not renew because i was fed up with the t boners and what not .
So  thats pretty mutch it .

greetzz Paul

RACING!!! Because Football ,Basketball ,Bowling and Golf only require ONE BALL

Paul Tucker

hey all, my name is paul tucker, i'm from england and i just love driving and racing cars, also making friends and having a little banter, this place seems very cool and im glad to be a part of it, see you on track ladie's and gentlemen.

speed is not enough.

Shawn Purdy

Hi All,

Shawn Purdy
31 Years old
From Montreal, Canada smile
Been sim-racing since I was 12 or 13. smile Although haven't done much in the last 2 years. Been too busy. smile
I do web development as my work.

Les Wilson

Hi All,

My name is Les Wilson (aka ORA-Ulee Deway).  I am a Canadian living and working in Japan.  Been sim racing for about 5 years, but still as slow as always ;) , and enjoying every moment of it.  I am a Foundation Member of Online Racing Australasia.  All the usual hobbies/interests.  Usually race with rFactor 1 and now 2, but also enjoy iRacing, PCars and others.

Mick Martin

Really nice to be here with you guys.
I'm Mick Martin aka Casual Alien of 35yrs living in Northampton. PC & mechanical sort of bloke, (anything that is in two pieces or more, ill take apart to see how it works!)
I have been a sim racer since pole position, and have owned a wheel since 2003, does anyone remember Vralley 97 or is it just me? loved that game.
I was heavy into rFactor, knew the sim inside and out, even pushing the limits of my coding skills to publish a few bits and pieces for the sim.
I was also co-founder and administrator of some long gone forum communities, Fiber euro racing, alien-sim-racing to name a couple.

These days I try to concentrate on my racing rather than coping with other sim-racers troubles.
I am deffinately not taken in by Iracing, I have been there and done that and paid the fees, twice, not interested! I see what they are trying to do but for me it is a shameful ammount of cash to spend, same for RRRE on the simbin side.

For me the future is in the hands of:
Assetto Corsa
rFactor 2

I like to have a bash on:
Race 07 and DLC's
F1 2013

I dont like:
PCARS (marketing con/ploy which is beyond belief, 0% interest loan, bloddy brilliant but i'm not buying into it)
Iracing (Too much money)

lol rant over, thats me raspberry

Jack Roussy

Hi everyone.
My name is Jack Roussy and normally go by CaTaPulT and (Jack Shannon on iRacing, long story. lol).
I'm 55 years of age and just retired on January 11th 2014. Yippee! finally! LOL
My hobbies are Simracing, Drumming (Electronic drums), watching movies, and whatever else tickles my fancy. smile
I've played various driving games in the past with a joystick (the early NSF series and others), I bought my first wheel (DFGT) when Racedriver Grid came out on the PS3, that was the bug, many wheels later, on my 3rd cockpit, and so on, I use pretty much all sims, Race07 (still my favorite), GTR2, GTL, rFactor 1 & 2, Assetto Corsa, Dirt 1,2,3, Euro Truck Simulator and iRacing.
My views on iRacing seem to go with some of the other comments on here. It's way too expensive for what it is thus the reason I still only have base content after 3 years of iRacing. I don't really know why I stay with it, it's kind of a love/hate relationship. I'm not a great driver and it takes me a long time to learn and get use to how a car feels, but with iRacing frequent update, it seems they are hellbent on making the cars as difficult to drive as possible, even the MX5 (Rookie series) used to be fun, now it's a lot more slippery than it use to be thus why I call the service IceRacing.
My membership is due for renewal in July, don't know if I'll bother, if I do, it will have to be on a 50% off membership deal.
My reason for still loving Race07 is the simplicity of it and for me, it seems easier to drive (with aids off) than anything else out there.
Take care
Regards:  >>>> Jack <<<<



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