Question regarding your show on the new button box.

Troy Schiewe

Hi Shaun,

   Let me start with that it is great having you back in the community. Thank you for all your efforts and your level of professionalism over the years. They are greatly appreciated. My question is regarding the VR gauge and shift light you can see in your recent video of the SRH ContolR button box. Where/What are these? It looks to me like sim commander 3, but could you shed some light on these and how you got them to float over iracing? A video segment would be great, but not expected.

Once again thanks for all that you do.


Gary Roth

Hi Shaun ,great racing with you at last srs event on the green hellsmile just a quick question..I see in the video of you driving...your using paddles!!! 
The 312 is not a paddle car raspberry ..maybe a little advantage??! ..Well kind of just razing ya..but it would be nice if if particular configurations that came in the car eg: hshifter
was forced onto each driver ,though i realize not every may have a hshifter. Oh well , all good anyways ..i just like to drive each car as they are equipped in real.

Yours Sincerly
G. Roth


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