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Chris Partridge

Hi Shaun,

Many congratulations on your new show and site. Always enjoyed your presentation: highly engaging, hugely enthusiastic, fun and informative. I wanted to expand upon something you mentioned in the video about the slightly "arcady" physics in the sim. I know these descriptions are generally fairly vague and can mean many different things to different people but from my interpretation I guess it's to convey the idea that aspects are not "full fat simulation".

Recently I've been doing some telemetry analysis (sorry DATA analysis!) of the various variables in Assetto Corsa - keen to discover what's under the hood in the physics department. I've found it to be right up there amongst the best of them - iRacing included - in terms of the detail of the response and the fidelity of that physics engine.

Below is a screenshot showing in a clockwise direction speed / throttle / tyre slip (FL, FR, RL, RR) and suspension travel (FL, FR, RL, RR). The car is the powerful Lotus Formula single seater and the track is Monza. I switched off driving assists (many are on by default) and drove a couple of laps, excluding the outlap. The results are from the second flying lap and zooming into the Ascari chicane.


With the suspension, we can see you the Front Right suspension nicely loads up (compresses) with entry to the chicane and decompresses through the mid part of the chicane. At the same time the Rear Left unloads nicely as the weight is shifting around during the move. The rest of the suspension reacts equally well. 

Looking at the tyre slip data, notice how the rear tyres break loose on entry into Ascari as the weight is transferred to the front and the back gets light and the car shifts around. And that sharp peak is the rear right breaking away on the exit curb of Ascari, very quickly indeed before gripping up again equally as quickly. That actually helped point the car in the right direction for the run down to Parabolica.

Anyway, this is just a little snippet to marvel at the depth that sims can go these days. This is by no means exclusive to AC, but also iRacing, rFactor and rFactor 2 plus Project CARS -- all which exhibit great amounts of fidelity. I summing up, I see no arcady behaviour in AC, and it's strength is revealed once all the assists are fully off and you can get down dirty in data analysis.


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