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Edwin Collingridge

Hi Shaun your shows are  a great source of info as always. been following you your breakaway from ISRtv and quite impressed with SP.
 I also posted this on your YouTube channel. 
​Now this has nothing to do with Sim Racing!
Can I make a suggestion and I have been meaning to do this since you first got going with SP. Your lighting and shadows are so harsh and it could be fixed quite easily by introducing "soft boxes" on your studio lighting. This will get rid of the harsh highlights on your logo and dear I say if you get sweaty it will soften the highlights on  that too. It will also soften the hard shadows you have on your back ground.    You could even add some back lighting too to help out the overall look. I will not go into details as there is loads about DIY photography lighting  out there on the internet but the following is a quick starter. As you are handy with your hands a first step would be to make a  panel from a  wooden(or anything else, PVC piping etc)  frame and white sheet (bed sheet, paper etc)  and place it in front of your existing light sources at a little distance to disperse the light.  OR face your light away from you (the subject) and bounce the light off a big sheet of polystyrene (that is if your light source is a directional type otherwise it is omnidirectional  you would have to block it in your direction)  I hope that helps, keep it up the great work.
Here  a link to a setup that explains things and can be adapted to suit your needs


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