Good to have you back

Dan West

Man we have realy missed you Shaun, It is so good to see you again, your shows are great Good luck, my friend Good luck with everything!

Paul Tucker

Hell yeah i'll 2nd that, your enthusiasm and joy of all things in the race world are infectious, good to see you again.

speed is not enough.


Yeah, I'll 3rd that! (this could be a very numerical message thread!) lol
Take care
Regards:  >>>> Jack <<<<
aka CaTaPulT

Follow your dreams..... er, uh, okay, not the one about being naked at work. lol :D

Scott Poar

I'll 4th that!! Glad to to see you start your own thing,Really enjoy your informative and non bias opinons on sim racing hardware and software....


I'll 5th that!! Good to see you back! i really missed that smile smile


Aaaaaaand Matty K. makes 6!  smile

“Finishing races is important, but racing is more important.”
― Dale Earnhardt

Aron Kroon

Lucky number 7 for me!

It's great to see you back online Shaun. Wishing you all the best from over here in the Netherlands, and looking forward to your return in my Youtube favorites.


Shaun Cole

Thank you very much guys.  It has been a great opening month and I am so excited about the pace we have and whats coming.  

Jeremy Hall

Glad I found you!  You are the reason I watched your previous show. Your insightful, mechanical view of things is something i can relate to.  Also appreciated is your upbeat and down to earth attitude. I look forward to many good shows and articles!

Peter Duggan

It's great to have you back Shaun but where is Jessica?


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