Raceroom Racing Experience Review?

Bishop Knight

Any plans to review Raceroom Racing Experience? It's come a long way and I think it's definitely a solid sim and not a simcade anymore. Handling isn't on par with Assetto Corsa but it's still a great sim.

Ellinor Ström

Physics is definitly on par with AC, but there is news now. There was a long new Live streamed Physics update test with Kelvin van der Linde who is the Audi 2014 ADAC GT Masters championship winner, and the devs. He has been working with Sector 3 to dial in the GT cars physics. There is new tiremodel comming and also Tim Coronel (WTCC) has been working with Sector 3. The DTM cars are already absolutely amazing. So there is alot happening right now with Raceroom Racing Experience and it's comming fast. Nordschleife is announced. Open Wheelers, new 2015 DTM, 2015 GT Masters... so definitly keep an eye up.


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