Shifting Shootout

Marty URen

I enjoyed the Shifting Shootout show. Good job relating this subject to the non-virtual (real) racing of years past when it took more skill to drive with an H shifter and two feet on three pedals as your test showed.

I would add optimum car setup can be different between auto clutch paddle shifting and heel toe with H shifter. Being able to work brake and gas together using both feet with auto clutch allows a looser setup then having to control brake and gas with one foot so the other can clutch as in heel toeing. Throttle can be used when braking and turning to control rear grip in a rear drive car and front grip in a front drive car. Whereas a tighter setup helps the driver with the more difficult car control of having to match revs downshifting with heel toe and rowing the gated shifter.

I ran an online league series of races using a vintage Trans Am mod where some of us declared we'd drive strictly with manual clutch and gated shifter. Great fun. It helped those cars had four speed transmissions and only needing to use three.

Mc Brain

Interesting video and I am slightly surprised, because I thought that iRacing puts a penalty on you when using Auto Blip, meaning that the shift becomes slower. If I remember correctly AC does, so might be intersting to see a similar comparison on AC.

I do not have a shifter, so I am actually using the clutch along with my paddels, e.g. while driving the Spec Racer. Guess I am more driver then a racer ;).


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