F1 2019 Racing League

Ahrash Karbasi

Hello, Just wanted to let the F1 2019 players know that M1 hosts annual racing leagues for F1 2019. We have 2 divisions, pro and dev that are based off time trials as well as a qialification race. You can also move between leagues depending on your performance after the season has ended or a seat is up for grabs. Grid is usually full for pro and 15-17 racers for the development league, sometimes full grid as well. We have established rules in place, with a stewarding system so if you want clean racing; This is the place to come! Both tier races are streamed as well as casted with race highlights being pushed weekly. Make sure to shoot me a DM once you join the discord if youre interested in racing. My name on the server is PerzianKing, you can see me in the staff section online almost 24/7. https://discord.gg/dTAqv7a


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