rFactor 2 GT3 Saturday Series

Glenn Briden

rFactor2 GT3 Series

Xploresimracing would like to invite you to join us for an rFactor 2 GT3 racing series.

This six ( 6 ) race series with Special event 7th race Final will run Saturday Evenings at 8PM Eastern time for approx 1.5 hours.

Starting OCTOBER 20th 2018 running until January 19th 2019.

We will be running the Studio 397 GT3 DLC pack of cars on selected rFactor 2 workshop tracks.

This series will be OPEN to the public and we welcome ALL level of drivers. All we ask is for you to bring enthusiasm and respect for your fellow drivers.

There will be a small token of appreciation to the series champion so if you are looking for a place to race PLEASE drop in and join us at www.xploresimracing.com


P.S. Complete series details coming soon.

Glenn Briden

Xploresimracing Saturday RF2 GT3 Series

Rule Pack:

Cars: Studio 397 GT3 Pack DLC
1) Mercedes AMG GT3
2) McLaren 650S GT3
3) Bentley Continental GT3
4) Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R
5) Radical RXC Turbo GT3

Tracks: rFactor 2 Workshop Defaults + Special event.

1) Toban - Oct. 20
2) Salzbergring - Oct. 27

Regular Season:
1) Montreal - Nov. 3
2) Mid Ohio - Nov. 17
3) Mills Metro Park - Dec. 1
4) Barber Motor sports Park - Dec. 8
5) Blackwood Raceway - Dec 15
6) Road Atlanta - Jan 12
7) Sebring ( Special Event DLC. ) - Jan. 19

Car Selection: Cars selected on First come First serve.

Car Setups: All cars will run DEFAULT setup at ALL events. ( Tire selection, Brake balance allowed . )

Weather: There will be a league vote regarding allowing random weather at 1 or 2 events.

Event Schedule:

1) Free Practice: This session will have NO mechanical limits and will run until 8:30 PM Eastern or until ALL drivers state they are ready to advance.

2) Qualifying: Session will last 15 Minutes with a 4 lap Limit ( Example: 1-Outlap, 1-Flyer-ESC / 1-Outlap, 1-Flyer-ESC. )

3) Race Session: ALL races will be timed events standard rolling starts set at 40 Minutes Accept for the series Final set to 60 Minutes.

4) There will be no Required Pit Stops yet each driver is free to develop there own strategy.

Glenn Briden

Xploresimracing rFactor 2 series

Come join the guys at www.Xploresimracing.com for a GT3 Racing Championship Series.

Game: rFactor 2.

Cars: Studio 397 GT3 DLC Pack.

Track: Toban GP Medium

Date: 10 - 20 - 2018 ( Saturday Evening. )

Time: 8PM Eastern Time ( All day Practice. )

Server: XSR GT3 DLC Series


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