Formula One 2015


I have mixed emotions about the up coming F1 season, it could be quite interesting with all the driver changes, the weak teams getting stronger and the strong teams getting weaker in 2014.
My disapointments are of course the new cars (2014) with the lack of a pleasant F1 sound, also, 2014 was a boring year (for me personally) in the respect that Team Mercedes had way too much of an advantage and constantly winning 1st and 2nd place in so many races, it got to the point of boredom, if you know who's going to win, why watch? The fun was actually to see who would come in 3rd, that's sad.
So my hopes for 2015 is to have teams that are more equal in the performance department and no one team domination, this would be more entertaining and fun to watch. I've only been following F1 for the last 5 years or so, and I know that Vettel was wining a lot, but it was just him, Webber didn't have a 2nd place that often thus making it was just one RedBull car on the podium, thus making it more interesting to see who else would be up on the podium with Vettel.
Now the intrigue.....
Will RedBull make a comeback?
Will Ferrari start getting out of the rut with Vettel on board or will Vettel fall flat on his face due to having a sub standard car with the Ferrari?
Will MacLaren make strides with Alonzo and the new Honda engine or are growing pains bound to ruin their season?
Will Williams keep going on their 2014 season of getting better and better in 2015?
Will Mercedes dominate in 2015 or will they buckle under the pressure of other teams catching up with better performing cars?
Will the other smaller teams die and fade away due to the cost of Formula one like Marusia and Caterham did?
F1 is pricing itself out of existance, the FIA is out to lunch on many of the new rules (double points for last race 2014, this rule has been dropped for 2015) and decisions they make, I understand they are trying to push the envelope technology wise, but maybe at too fast a pace and expense. Loosing two teams is proof of this.
These are just my opinions and I know many do not agree, but I figured I'd get something started in this new sub forum! smile
Take care
Regards:  >>>> Jack <<<<

Follow your dreams..... er, uh, okay, not the one about being naked at work. lol :D

Robert Tolley

The most boring, predictable form of motorsport on this entire planet. Safe to say I will not be watching anymore Formula One this year, or maybe even ever. 
If only it could be as close and exciting as this in the real world. All hail sim racing I say!


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