Setup: Porsche Carrera RSR / Assetto Corsa / Silverstone GP

Sai Yip

2.19.2xx using this setup.

intentional 30L fuel for a more even weight distribution. 


I was lost where to post the setup that I will be using this week (round 5 @ Silverstone GP) and decided to do it here.

Front ARB: 19000
Rear ARB: 8000
Diff Power @ 60 and Coast @ 60
/Front suspension

Toe out: 9                           Toe out: 9

Camber: -21                         Camber: -21

Rod length: 30                        Rod length: 30

Spring rate: 40                      Spring rate: 40  

Rear suspension

Toe out: 10                   Toe out: 10

Camber: -20                 Camber: -20

Rod length: 45              Rod length: 45

Spring rate: 58              Spring rate: 58  

Front dampers

Bump: 6             Bump: 6

Rebound: 9          Rebound: 9  

Rear dampers

Bump: 5              Bump: 5

Rebound: 6          Rebound: 6   

Did not decide yet on an optimal tire pressure over long distances.

Bill Jaschke

@Sai Yip
Thanks for that. I'm still slow, as usual, but a bit easier for me to handle.

You could just create your own topic to post that in. Plus you can just to like Sai did and upload your setup instead of typing it out. TheSetupMarket is a good place to share setups, I have a topic about it in Driving-Lessons.


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