Simpit Porsche Carrera Cup on Sim Racing System Setups

Shaun Cole

Here is a copy of my setup from last weeks setup for beginers workshop.

I will not be here next week but we will do this for the remaining 4 races after this weks race.

Extract these two files into your Assetto Corsa setups folder for the proper car and track.

Example mine is  C:UsersSidewinderDocumentsAssetto Corsasetupsks_porsche_911_carrera_rsrspa

Sidewinder is my user name for windows.  When done properly you will see two files in your spa folder.

smc.ini (configuration settings)


Shaun Cole

Here is a copy of teh setup we built on wednesdays setup shop for this weeks race at Nurburring.


I was lost where to post the setup that I will be using this week (round 5 @ Silverstone GP) and decided to do it here.

Front ARB: 19000
Rear ARB: 8000
Diff Power @ 60 and Coast @ 60
/Front suspension

Toe out: 9                           Toe out: 9

Camber: -21                         Camber: -21

Rod length: 30                        Rod length: 30

Spring rate: 40                      Spring rate: 40  

Rear suspension

Toe out: 10                   Toe out: 10

Camber: -20                 Camber: -20

Rod length: 45              Rod length: 45

Spring rate: 58              Spring rate: 58  

Front dampers

Bump: 6             Bump: 6

Rebound: 9          Rebound: 9  

Rear dampers

Bump: 5              Bump: 5

Rebound: 6          Rebound: 6   

Did not decide yet on an optimal tire pressure over long distances.


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