The Simpit would like to welcome SDC Motorsports to its ranks of racing teams.  SDC Motorsports has been setting the standard for modern sim racing teams making them the perfect team for The Simpit to work with in the future.  You can count on us following the team, their racing results, and utilizing their skills on the show from time to time.

We will also feature driver profiles from the team, this will allow you to get to know some of them and the hardware that they use to win races.

Here is a statement from SDC Motorsports:

SDC Motorsports was founded in 2013 by Martin Carroll and Nigel Baines. What started out as a fierce rivalry in an iRacing private League (GRAsim GV8), soon became a title winning partnership when the league introduced two driver teams in its second season. Although not each other’s first choice (Martin approached Chris Hogan as Chris had introduced him into the league and Nigel was open to offers). Chris declined the offer, citing a major difference in racing skill levels could potentially stall Martins progress and suggested that Martin & Nigel would be better suited as team mates. Soon after, Nigel and Martin joined force's and formed TeamM2iracing named after Martin's Alcohol funny car drag racing team that he works for. The team quickly grew to five when they added Chris Hogan, JD Smith and Kane Kraft (V8sonline commentators) all coming on board as part of our development squad. From here on, Martin signed long time friend James McKnight, a top level V8 Supercar driver in iRacings Official V8Supercar series & V8sonline's broadcast races.

Soon after this, a conflict with Martins drag racing team over the new Team's name came up, so the Team name changed in recognition of Nigel's Girlfriend's Cake Business, Spotty Dog Cakes (thanks Sophie), bringing out a fresh new livery and SDC Motorsports was born.

While SDC Motorsports were predominantly focused on running the iRacing V8Supercar series, Martin also had a keen passion for oval racing and decided to expand the Team in a new direction. He got together with Sam Compton who he'd raced with on many occasions and together they built SDC Motorsports oval division. SDC's oval squad has a real international flavor with a number of extremely talented drivers from Germany and Brazil and together we are serious about developing as drivers and working hard together to obtain our goals well in the the future. With a few good oval drivers signed in late 2013 it was also time to add to the road squad.

As we were looking to strengthen our road division a opportunity was presented to us to join forces with another talented and just as dedicated Iracing v8supercar team Kamakize Racing Team(KRT), Along with KRT owners Michael Fulther and Mark Anderson we formed a technical partnership known as the Alliance Racing Group, Right from the start of this Alliance we know we made the right decision as the results spoke for themselves making us excited for the future.

Driver Line Up. (Click on names to see driver profiles)

(Co-founders and Team Principles)
Martin Carroll      Nigel Baines 

(Oval Division Manager)
Sam Compton

James McKnight

Chad Chastain
JD Smith
Phil Lines
Thomas Kane Kraft
Guto Colvara
Steffen Nobis
Nathan Schartner
Mike Galloway
Michael Cracknell
Jason Quire
Alexander Abraham
Marc Melcher
Phillip Geiss
Frank-Martin Meyer
Paul Slovonik
Jason Dunnington
Dennace Hirschka
Shaun Cole

Honorary Members:
Trevor Holder
Shane Gilfeather

So…. What are we doing here?

You will be following the highs and the lows of the team as we progress through the seasons to come, we will be writing reviews and posting some great photos as well as compiling some short videos as well. We hope you all enjoy what is to come and we'll see you on track.

SDC Motorsports Facebook Fan Page

The Simpit is once again very proud of this relationship and looks forward to helping SDC Motorsports achieve great things in 2014.


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